Welcome our New Executive Director

GenderNexus is proud to announce the selection of Emma Vosicky as the organization’s new Executive Director beginning December 1, 2020. This follows a local and national search where our Board of Directors had the opportunity to speak with many dynamic community leaders.

Emma joins GenderNexus after a long career in private practice as a business attorney in the Chicago area. Having grown up as a trans woman without the language or resources to support her own gender journey, Emma has been keenly aware of the need for trans and non-binary individuals to feel connected and supported. This inspired her to engage in community outreach, education, and fundraising with an LGBTQ+ youth drop-in initiative, Youth Outlook; to provide assistance with name and gender marker changes through the Transformative Justice Law Project; and to serve on the Community Advisory Group with Equality Illinois where Emma managed the State Boards and Commissions project.

Lynsey Freeman, President of the Board of Directors, believes that Emma will be a great asset to the organization, building momentum to meet the needs in our community. “She is so excited about the organization and its mission – it’s truly infectious.”

Emma couldn’t agree more. “I am experiencing an awesome combination of excitement and responsibility as GenderNexus entrusts me with the task of shepherding Julie Walsh’s creation, giving life and direction to the Board’s hopes for the future, and, most of all, further supporting the needs of the trans and non-binary community throughout Indiana.”

Please join us in welcoming Emma Vosicky into this invigorating new chapter of GenderNexus history. Her arrival will further solidify our mission and our commitment to the pursuit of gender equity and gender justice. If you believe in the ways GenderNexus is fulfilling this commitment by supporting community connection and wellness, help us to celebrate by making a donation to support this exciting transition!