Emma Vosicky, JD
Executive Director

Emma Vosicky received her BA from the University of Notre Dame, her JD from the DePaul University, and her MAT from National Louis University. For a number of years, she has worked in private practice as a business/business litigation attorney.

Emma brings her multiple skills as an attorney to GenderNexus, but the driving force in her life has been to pay it forward. As a transwoman, growing up at a time with no available language to describe her experience and no safe, support space, she is keenly aware of the necessity for trans and non-binary individuals to not feel alone, to find and develop community, and to be supported in living fully and proudly out loud. Emma’s interactions with the generations before her, who risked everything to take the first steps on behalf of our community, have inspired her to further the arc of change initiated by those early leaders.

To that end, Emma has served in a variety of roles on behalf of the LGBTQ community, including outreach, education, training and fundraising with Youth Outlook (providing LGBTQ youth drop-in centers across Northern Illinois), working with the Transformative Justice Law Project in helping LGBTQ folks obtain name changes, serving with Equality Illinois as a member of its Community Advisory Group, and acting as the Project Manager for Equality Illinois’ State Boards & Commissions Project.

In her spare time, Emma is a published writer, storyteller (her most recently developed passion is storytelling at OUTspoken), and public speaker, along with being an ardent film lover.

Leda Fortier

Leda Fortier

Leda received their Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Ball State University, which is where they are currently pursuing a Master of Social Work (MSW). Their MSW program prepares advanced generalist social workers with a focus on rural and addiction issues. They are excited to work with GenderNexus as part of their practicum. Their professional experience includes working with older adults, people with disabilities, children, and families. As a disabled, trans person, they are passionate about ensuring all people have places where they belong as their full, authentic selves. In their spare time, they enjoy playing games, watching/reading Sci-Fi, making art, and spending time with their pets.

Stardust Adita
Administrative Assistant

Stardust Adita is a resident of Indianapolis. She facilitates community talks on Race, Poverty, and Human Rights. Her Art, Healing and Activism is based on the fact that people should Be Who They Are and feel safe to do so. To quote Audre Lorde “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”


Mercedes Carey
Care Coordinator

Mercedes earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology at the University of Dayton. Shortly after, she obtained her master’s in social work from the University of Indianapolis with a concentration in children and families. Through her experience working with children and families in various settings, she came to learn how impactful it is for people to belong to safe and supportive communities. As a queer masculine woman of color, she wants to ensure that safe and supportive spaces are available for folks of color within the community.