Emma Vosicky, JD
Executive Director

Emma Vosicky received her BA from the University of Notre Dame, her JD from the DePaul University, and her MAT from National Louis University. For a number of years, she has worked in private practice as a business/business litigation attorney.

Emma brings her multiple skills as an attorney to GenderNexus, but the driving force in her life has been to pay it forward. As a transwoman, growing up at a time with no available language to describe her experience and no safe, support space, she is keenly aware of the necessity for trans and non-binary individuals to not feel alone, to find and develop community, and to be supported in living fully and proudly out loud. Emma’s interactions with the generations before her, who risked everything to take the first steps on behalf of our community, have inspired her to further the arc of change initiated by those early leaders.

To that end, Emma has served in a variety of roles on behalf of the LGBTQ community, including outreach, education, training and fundraising with Youth Outlook (providing LGBTQ youth drop-in centers across Northern Illinois), working with the Transformative Justice Law Project in helping LGBTQ folks obtain name changes, serving with Equality Illinois as a member of its Community Advisory Group, and acting as the Project Manager for Equality Illinois’ State Boards & Commissions Project.

In her spare time, Emma is a published writer, storyteller (her most recently developed passion is storytelling at OUTspoken), and public speaker, along with being an ardent film lover.

Marissa Heinz
Care Coordination Director
She/Her, They/Them

Marissa earned their bachelor’s degree in psychology from Smith College and their master of social work degree with a concentration in children, youth, and families from Indiana University. Their background includes supporting children and families experiencing homelessness. They are especially interested in exploring how to best foster agency and resiliency in young people, so they are excited to work with clients along every part of their gender journey. Marissa’s goal is to create safe spaces that are inclusive for all members of the community and to support individuals in thriving as their most authentic selves.

Jaime Alaniz
Group Facilitator

Jaime is a trans man who has been working with nonprofit LGBTQ+ organizations across the nation for over 10 years. He is a fierce advocate for transgender and nonbinary folx, along side his wife who is also transgender. Together, they have devoted their time and energy to care for community every place they have lived. A proud, first-generation Mexican-American, Jaime moved to Indiana five years ago from New Mexico to build bridges throughout the state and to uplift community.

Jessie Miles
Group Facilitator

Jessie is a multi-talented educator who has taught subjects ranging from art to digital design to business since 2008. She earned her bachelor’s degree in art from Herron School of Art, teaching license from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, and a master’s degree in Secondary Education and Technology from IUPUI. She is the mother of a transgender daughter and step-mother to two sons, a daughter, and a non-binary child. She and her wife, Maddie (who also happens to be transgender), live in Indianapolis with their younger children, cats, chickens, and a dog.

Amy MacNeil, She/Her
Neil MacNeil, He/Him
Parent Group Facilitator

Amy and Neil are parents to a transgender daughter who is a student at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. Amy is originally from Indianapolis, but the MacNeils have spent most of the last 25+ years living around the world until Neil retired from his career as a Security Specialist with the State Department in 2012. Amy has had a varied career after earning a BA from DePauw and an MA from Johns Hopkins but is currently employed at the Glendale branch library.

Stephanie Porter, She/They
Group Facilitator

Steph is a transgender woman who began to affirm her gender later in life. She earned an MS degree in manufacturing engineering and is currently employed as a software engineer while also conducting research in software manufacturing. She is an independent thinker, yet loves to help and support others. Steph’s proudest moments are basking in the success of her three adult children. She has grown to believe that how one reacts to any situation – and not the situation itself – is what tells the world who one is as a person.

Julie Walsh, MSW, LSW
Founder, Executive Director Emeritus

Our Founder and ED Emeritus, Julie Walsh, has made it her lifetime commitment to advance social justice by creating opportunities for meaningful community connection and deepening the critical compassion needed to dismantle systems of oppression. It was out of this passion that she planted the roots for GenderNexus in 2014 to advance gender equity and gender justice in Indiana.