We’re Hiring: Care Coordinator

In order to better serve the Trans/NonBinary Community, GenderNexus is hiring a part-time Care Coordinator whose role is to serve as a direct care practitioner within the organization, connecting clients to resources, developing and maintaining client treatment plans, and providing Solutions Focused therapy. Care Coordinators also serve as interdisciplinary case managers. For more information, see our link: https://damien.hirecentric.com/jobs/193146.html

We want to thank the Damien Center for allowing us to post via their platform, which also means that while the job appears on a Damien page, it is still, as shown, a position specifically with GenderNexus.

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Welcome our New Executive Director

GenderNexus is proud to announce the selection of Emma Vosicky as the organization’s new Executive Director beginning December 1, 2020. This follows a local and national search where our Board of Directors had the opportunity to speak with many dynamic community leaders.

Emma joins GenderNexus after a long career in private practice as a business attorney in the Chicago area. Having grown up as a trans woman without the language or resources to support her own gender journey, Emma has been keenly aware of the need for trans and non-binary individuals to feel connected and supported. This inspired her to engage in community outreach, education, and fundraising with an LGBTQ+ youth drop-in initiative, Youth Outlook; to provide assistance with name and gender marker changes through the Transformative Justice Law Project; and to serve on the Community Advisory Group with Equality Illinois where Emma managed the State Boards and Commissions project.

Lynsey Freeman, President of the Board of Directors, believes that Emma will be a great asset to the organization, building momentum to meet the needs in our community. “She is so excited about the organization and its mission – it’s truly infectious.”

Emma couldn’t agree more. “I am experiencing an awesome combination of excitement and responsibility as GenderNexus entrusts me with the task of shepherding Julie Walsh’s creation, giving life and direction to the Board’s hopes for the future, and, most of all, further supporting the needs of the trans and non-binary community throughout Indiana.”

Please join us in welcoming Emma Vosicky into this invigorating new chapter of GenderNexus history. Her arrival will further solidify our mission and our commitment to the pursuit of gender equity and gender justice. If you believe in the ways GenderNexus is fulfilling this commitment by supporting community connection and wellness, help us to celebrate by making a donation to support this exciting transition!

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Resignation Announcement

A Message from Julie Walsh

Friends –

We are living in an unprecedented time where this pandemic has shaken up most of our lives in varying ways; my family included. In response to my spouse’s job loss earlier this year and the need to accept work out of state, it is with a heavy heart that I have announced my plans to transition out of my role as Executive Director of GenderNexus.

Creating space where our transgender and nonbinary communities could openly gather, connect, and find guidance and support has been a labor of love. Together, with an incredibly talented staff and dedicated interns, volunteers, and board members, we have made significant advancements over the past six years to reduce systemic barriers and increase community care. Many thanks to our local providers, community partners, and each of our donors who have shared in this collective effort. I truly feel humbled to have been a part of Indiana’s LGBTQ+ community storybook.

Our board is committed to ensuring that GenderNexus will continue to be a strong presence in our communities. I trust they will identify the right person who has the passion, drive, and skill set to propel the organization into the next chapter of growth and development. To ensure no interruptions, I will be working closely with the board through this process and during the transition period that will support the next Executive Director.

I wish joy to every person who has been – and will be – touched by GenderNexus now and always.

All the best,

Julie Walsh
Executive Director

A Message from the GenderNexus Board of Directors

It is with a mix of sadness and immense gratitude that the Board of Directors announces Julie Walsh’s departure as our Executive Director.

As the Founder of GenderNexus, Julie’s role in achieving our mission cannot be adequately expressed. Julie recognized a need in the transgender and nonbinary communities and set out to solve the problem, developing the concept for GenderNexus, building the infrastructure, acquiring the resources, and providing the inspiring leadership needed for success.

We are grateful for her six years of incomparable dedication and service, which involved many significant accomplishments, including:

  • Creating programming which helped over 3,000 trans people and their loved ones access care coordination, counseling, support groups, help with legal issues, vocal training, and advocacy in schools.
  • Partnering with Indiana University’s Division of Adolescent Medicine to establish the Gender Health Program at Riley Children’s Hospital.
  • Authoring over 200 letters supporting access to gender-affirming medical procedures.
  • Mentoring 20 social work interns.
  • Facilitating training for thousands of community providers and business associates as well as connecting with tens of thousands of people at conferences and Pride festivals across the state.
  • Forming key partnerships with Indiana University Health, The Damien Center, Step Up, Indiana Legal Services, and The Never Alone Project.

Our board has formed a search committee to find a new Executive Director and we welcome your assistance in identifying candidates who can help GenderNexus continue its success. You can find the position description here. During this transition period, it is our priority to find the best individual to lead, while maintaining a stable and effective organization. We are grateful for Julie’s commitment to continuity as she continues serving GenderNexus until a suitable replacement is identified.

Again, we cannot thank Julie enough for the dedication, passion, enthusiasm, and purpose she has given GenderNexus over the past six years. She will be greatly missed by our staff, board, clients, and partners alike. We look forward to staying in touch with Julie and are hopeful and excited for the next chapter of GenderNexus as we continue to support transgender and nonbinary communities in Indiana. If you have any questions or concerns during this transition, please feel free to reach out to me directly at board@gendernexus.org.


Lynsey David
President, Board of Directors

A Note from Julie about the Birth of GenderNexus

Our organizational roots were planted after searching throughout Indiana for gender sensitive providers and support systems when I met my (now) husband, who is transgender. We had difficulty finding a local physician who could prescribe and monitor hormones. We couldn’t get answers about how to change the gender marker on his driver’s license to match his external appearance. We hit a brick wall when we struggled to identify an affordable counselor who was qualified to write a letter of support required for surgical intervention. We didn’t know where to meet other couples in partnerships like ours or who might relate to the journey we had been through. Simply put, the transgender community was underserved and seemingly invisible in Indiana.

Thus, the vision for GenderNexus was created in 2010, leading me back to school from 2011 to 2013 for a Master of Social Work degree focused specifically on gaining the necessary tools to establish the organization. The summer of 2013 was spent in New York City at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center serving as a wellness counselor while learning more about the developmental model for their transgender programming. The groundwork to launch GenderNexus finally came to fruition in 2014 when we became the only nonprofit organization in Indiana designed to address all areas of wellness for transgender and nonbinary communities. For the first three years of our existence, business was conducted on a part-time basis in coffee houses and libraries. Since moving into our first office space in 2017, we have experienced significant expansion as we began living more fully into our vision. Our reach has grown exponentially every year, including a 72% increase from 2018 to 2019.

Looking Forward

Despite the current pandemic, we remain diligent, incredibly active, and committed to the pursuit of gender equity and gender justice by:

  • ensuring transgender and nonbinary people in Indiana can successfully navigate services and systems with fewer barriers,
  • offering services led by and for members of the community where people can connect and address relevant issues,
  • building a strong, bold coalition of transgender and nonbinary people who feel inspired and compelled to confront personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural oppression, and
  • challenging the broader community to increase their critical compassion for people of all genders.
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Open House: Check out our new space!

The time has come and we have finally moved into our new home! This allows us to live into our broader mission and vision where we are able to roll out wrap-around services such as short term counseling, therapeutic support groups, recovery support, sexual health services, educational seminars, and social events!

In honor of our office launch, you are invited to join us for an Open House on Thursday, June 22nd between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. at 1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 315 to tour our new space, to enjoy some light refreshments and music, to meet our board and volunteer staff, and to learn more about who we are and what we do. Brief presentations will be given at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

While RSVPs are not required, we encourage you to register at GenderNexusOpenHouse.Eventbrite.com. We look forward to seeing you!

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Your Voice Matters!

Are you 1) at least 18 years of age, 2) identify as transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender fluid, or any other non-cisgender identity, and 3) a resident of the state of Indiana as of January 1, 2017?

Take part in a survey conducted through Indiana University (IRB# 1702266920) that explores the extent to which the needs of Indiana’s gender diverse community are being met as they pertain to seven dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and environmental. Historically, there has been little research in Indiana about the experiences of gender diverse individuals and their ability to access services. Likewise, there is even less research on culturally competent providers in Indiana. It is unknown how many of Indiana’s more than 26,000 gender diverse persons are accessing culturally competent services.

Be the voice of change by taking this survey!

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