Please call or email us to make an appointment if you’re interested in any of our services.

Short-Term Counseling

GenderNexus provides short-term, solutions-­focused counseling, concentrating on present circumstances and goals with an emphasis on creating change in the quickest, most effective manner. You are treated as an individual, without judgment, moving you closer to a more fulfilling life.

Community Support Groups

Youth Groups. These groups are a safe place where youth can discuss internal concerns and the external day-to-day issues.

Adult Groups. These 8-to-10 week closed groups provide peer-facilitated, therapeutic space to delve into the complexities of affirming one’s gender. A range of options are available, so be sure to connect with us for more information and to get registered for the group that is just right for you!

Family Care Groups

Parent and Caregiver Group. Caring for a young person who identifies as transgender or nonbinary comes with unique challenges! This closed therapeutic support group will provide a safe space for you to explore the feelings that come along with your youth’s gender journey.

Partners Group. Inundated with new language, pronouns, and identity politics may feel confusing and complicated, adding strain to the relationship. This closed group offers partners a place to nurture themselves while exploring the dynamics at play.

Adolescent Health

They say it takes a village to raise a child. That’s why we are team partners in the Gender Health Program at Riley Children’s Health, providing care coordination for all youth and families.

School Advocacy

Wanting to ensure that students can focus on academic and social growth without worrying about navigating gender, we can sit down together with your family and your school’s support team with a safe schools framework that incorporates both a system-wide evaluation tool and an individualized gender support plan.

Legal Information

While GenderNexus does not offer legal advice, we can help you navigate name and gender marker changes on government documents. For more complex legal issues with housing, employment, or insurance discrimination, we provide referrals to local attorneys.

Referral Letters

Accessing affirming healthcare should come without barriers, so we offer letters of support using an informed consent model at no cost. Written by licensed professionals specializing in gender health, these letters have been universally accepted by all providers and insurance companies in Indiana and across the country.

Sexual Health Services

In partnership with The Damien Center, we provide HIV and STI testing on site at no cost during posted hours. You can talk openly about your concerns so that we can ensure you’re linked to the right services.

By Community, For Community

GenderNexus has been designed to be a safe space where folks in transgender and nonbinary communities can connect with one another. Our calendar continues to evolve with new events and opportunities!

Community Circles. Build relationships with other folks at weekly support meetings, the weekend coffee klatch, and hobby clubs.

Community Conversations. Expand your knowledge and capacity by taking part in a wide range of conversations related to the daily gender journey, health, wellness, safety, financial literacy, job readiness, and more.

Community Connections. Connect with your crew at community events such as game night, memoir writing workshops, yoga, nature hikes, and more.

Community Education

Training seminars tailored to your industry needs are available at your site, providing the relevant knowledge, skills, and values that lead to more affirming, effective businesses, organizations, associations, and schools.

Community Resourcing

We understand how important it is to identify community providers who have experience working with transgender and nonbinary people. Let us help you connect with affirming providers and programs based on your specific needs, or connect with us if you’ve had a good experience with someone you would recommend to others.